Water Quality Data and Workflows

Real-time water quality monitoring networks turning data into actionable insights.

Secure, discrete pollution detection and early warning alarms

We offer data-led workflow solutions to your water quality monitoring planning.

Water quality data is collected from a wide range of on-line sensors, including IoT devices, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and water quality data exchange formats.

We can set up water quality data feeds to validate and clean the incoming data using automatic or semi-automatic data quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes. We provide a complete set of reporting tools to adjust and correct water quality data, including sensor drift and offset correction, threshold correction, gap interpolation and more.

We implement software modules that continuously validate water quality sensor outputs using univariate and multivariate tools that provide a clear distinction between sensor faults and process upsets. This avoids trouble shooting sensor faults – costly in labour, laboratory sampling and analysis – and increase confidence in the information reported by the sensors.

Representative image of a water quality information management system

Assess and respond to real-time water quality events by setting up SMS or email alarms and notifications for water quality data, which is also available online. There is no need for continual supervision of the system, saving time, and reduces the negative impacts of any unforeseen events.

Processing and deriving data from monitoring observations is the first step to turn raw data into valuable insights. Modelling techniques and the use of machine learning can help predict water quality issues or carry out water quality impact assessments, changing decision making from reactive to proactive.

Visualise your integrated water quality data in multiple formats: maps using different colour codes, customisable charts show how different variables evolve over time, or the evolution and comparison of the same variable in different stations, available in tables or matrix form and more. Track analytical variables such as pH of water or its nitrate content. Online water quality data can also be published alongside discrete water quality samples and with any available water quantity information.

Uses include dam water quality management, water pollution source detection, beach pollution monitoring and health risk early detection systems. Other operations cover online for microbiological monitoring, WWTP water quality monitoring, automated groundwater levels and salinity and water quality measurement systems for aquaculture.

All data is always accessible and ready to be extracted to screen or to multiple formats. Choose from predefined reports-ideal for periodic reporting and compliance-to fully dynamic water quality data search engines. Share your data with third-party systems or external consumers through our secured interfaces (APIs).

Online and discrete water quality data is always secure, and users have full control over user permission and access. Using the latest technologies, we ensure that permanent access to data. We adapt our fully-scalable system processing capacity to everyone’s storage and access needs, always aiming at the lowest infrastructure costs, too.


  • Early warning alerts of potential threshold breaches.
  • Secure, reliable and scalable systems.
  • Automated reporting of water quality parameters.
  • Predictive modelling and impact assessment.
  • Maintain environmental compliance.
  • Help lower resource costs.
  • Customisable reports.

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