Meaningful reporting helps with analysis and understanding of data.

Measure results and improve processes in water management

Reporting offers precious information and insights into business processes, using data to identify areas for improvement.

ADASA’s flexible and dynamic technologies result in solutions that add value to systems. These include water quality monitoring, water resources management and modelling and simulation of hydrological and hydraulic systems.

Customisable reports and analysis can be carried out on many basin management support subjects and facilitate multiscale and cross-sectional analysis of hydrometeorological information.

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Our reporting tool can acquire data from various information sources, including databases, files and web services. Measured data, images and maps from multiple and diverse sources can be integrated and then presented in simple and intuitive business reports and dashboards.

Pre-designed and customised reports add speed, simplicity and agility to the process. Schedule automatic reports – daily, monthly, yearly – can be published and exported to standard general-purpose formats (csv, xml, json and more) for other users to see.

Reporting allows for immediate displays of key business indicators and statistics alongside historical information. It can be aggregated geospatially at differing scales, from basins to sub-basins to groundwater catchments and more.

Up-to-date summaries of water resources are readily available, too, including information about rainfall, stream flows, storage, irrigation allocations, restrictions and water in the environment.

Pre-designed and customised reporting is at the forefront of data-driven, forward-thinking water management.


  • Customisable analysis of information.
  • Flexible, easy-to-use configuration of simple or aggregated intuitive reports.
  • Present results using graphics, tables and maps, separately or combined.
  • Easy creation of key business indicators, e.g. Who? When? How much?
  • Disseminate and publish reports to third parties.
  • Modelling and simulation of hydrological and hydraulic systems.
  • Automatic subscription to derived information.

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