Connected Data, Asset and Knowledge Management Solution for Facility Operators

Optimise wastewater and water treatment plants’ day-to-day operations via an online mobile platform

Make day-to-day water treatment plant operations simple with opsCTRL, an easy-to-use online and mobile platform that combines asset, maintenance and alarm management.

opsCTRL’s tools monitor real-time data for wastewater and water treatment plants. It optimises performance and prevents failures, and creates and manage service log and schedules. Users can upload and share documents and media, too.

It will map all plant assets with easy-to-navigate asset tracking features and monitor levels such as how much energy the pumps are drawing or current demands for oxygen.

Smartphone with opsCTR app open

opsCTRL connects all plant equipment and monitors assets and can provide historical trends charts as well as a set of customised alerts. It loads procedures, media and knowledge and relates them with assets, with all data stored in the cloud. The platform acts as a bridge from office to the field, enabling colleagues to access information to do their job, continually sharing knowledge and improving operations.

Take photos with your smartphone and upload media and procedures to a customised Expert Library. The whole team can collaborate from their device, quickly capturing knowledge and saving time.

The website and mobile app feature an easy-to-use map to allow searches for specific equipment, manuals, media and more. Users may generate new content, consult historical trend charts and view and upgrade service logs. From a phone, customise alarms, share pictures, edit maintenance schedules and configure automatic maintenance notifications or request expert advice.

opsCTRL is a collaborative library flexible enough to fit any wastewater and water treatment plant’s needs.


  • Reduce maintenance costs with easily accessible documents and improved team collaboration.
  • Online customised alerts.
  • Track maintenance activity.
  • Minimise knowledge loss with digitalised information.
  • Sync office and in-the-field teams, both of whom can add content.
  • Map your assets, and track operational performance online.
  • Improve asset management by monitoring maintenance and operating costs.
  • Preventive failures and estimate the lifetime of assets.

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