aquaBio, Microbiological Measuring Device

Rapid detection of water quality indicator microorganisms.

Monitor pathogens in drinking, bathing and irrigation water

It is essential to monitor drinking, bathing and irrigation water because waterborne pathogens constitute one of the main risks to our health. Online microbiological monitoring forms the backbone of health risk early detection systems, vital for safeguarding beaches from pollution, for example.

Rapid responses are vital to negate the risks. It is not feasible to determine all issues given the multitude of pathogenic microorganisms present, the high economic cost and analysis times involved. ADASA’s solution is to detect indicator microorganisms that have similar behaviours and whose presence ensures the existence of pathogens. The sensitivity of our systems allows obtaining data results within three hours for highly polluted waters, beating traditional, expensive, laboratory-based bacterial techniques that can take 24-96 hours from sample to conclusion.

Image of an aquaBio device

ADASA has designed the aquaBio-B403 analyser to detect and quantify, quickly and automatically, the main bacteria that indicate the microbiological quality of the water. AquaBio-B403 perfectly complements traditional methods used to control microorganisms across many different water uses.

We have two versions: one for the measurement of Escherichia coli and total coliforms (simultaneously), and the second for the measurement of faecal enterococci. Both versions are suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

The analysers use Defined Substrate Technology®. Microorganisms of interest react specifically with a solution within the analyser, generating a measurable optical signal. The result is defined by the correlation between bacterial concentration and the time when the optical signal appears.

Our aquaBio-B403 works fully automatically between maintenance periods. It performs sampling, analysis of microbial concentration, treatment, and sending of the results and alarms to the data reception centre (compatible with ecoData). It also administers self-disinfection processes required to ensure there is no contamination between samples.

Sampling frequency and analysis modes are easily adjusted to needs. The aquaBio-B403 features a user-friendly interface with colour touch screen, making it a compact, versatile and easy-to-use analyser.



  • Rapid detection and quantification of the microbial concentration: 3 to 12, compared to 24-96 hours for traditional techniques.
  • Fully automatic operation between maintenance periods.
  • Simple system with low operating costs.
  • Microbiological quality control of recycled water.
  • Microbiological quality control of wastewater treatment plants effluents destined for irrigation.

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