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Improved features for supervision and control of industrial processes

Fully-fledged interfaces to control and supervise facilities are revolving rapidly; Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are key performance optimisers.

ADASA knows how to apply best the innovative features offered by HMI and SCADA to facilitate plant operation, promote safety, generate knowledge and engage operators.

Our portfolio offers a panoply of approaches that boost performance using different techniques, such as presenting context-based information via augmented reality or guiding decision-making processes using decision trees. Moreover, we reduce reaction times by enforcing the use of consistent symbols and language to augment traceability of operator actions and by making documentation libraries immediately available in different formats.

Powerful visualisation techniques provide relevant information in the right format at the right times, using rich interfaces to ensure operations run efficiently. They also help to prevent both errors and misinterpretations that could lead to unsafe situations or equipment failure. Advanced filters assist operators in focusing on data relevant to their role.

Events and alarms with different degrees of granularity are all logged. To further facilitate the real-time and historical event and alarm management, additional states can be set for each entry, such as active, acknowledged, and more.

HMI and SCADA interfaces images

Trends provide a powerful tool to analyse facility behaviour, with different zooming options, cursors and automatically calculated statistical data. Operators and engineers can work together to diagnose errors, predict trends, prevent failures and optimise performance. New advanced data analysis techniques provide further insight and guidance, generating new and relevant knowledge.

Our HMI and SCADA solutions provide transparent access from a central location to distributed and heterogeneous sources of information. We organise the hardware implementation plus the communication media used for the transfer of data. Operators and managers can access and control assets from any location using different devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones. ADASA’s extensive experience in advanced cybersecurity protocols ensures secure remote access to and of sensitive data.

Role-based operator limitations and action traceability prevent security threats, unintentional errors and unauthorised operation as well as analyse and explain process behaviour. Hierarchical access control means managers can take appropriate actions when deviations are detected and identify relevant staff.

HMI and SCADA systems offer high availability, supported by both redundancy techniques with automatic failover and advanced backup strategies to ensure an immediate response in case of failure.


  • Intuitive navigation with optimal formats for different devices and platforms.
  • Extract in-depth knowledge thanks to advanced data analysis, integration, and visualisation techniques.
  • Access and control assets from any location using a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Prevent operational errors caused by data overload.
  • Improve efficiency by providing relevant information sources while performing operational tasks.
  • Relevant data guides operators to sound decision-making and appropriate actions.
  • Cybersecurity technology, practices and techniques ensure secure supervision and control of facilities and safety of sensitive data.
  • Validated profiles offer detailed traceability of operator actions.
  • System scalability and high availability thanks to redundancy techniques with automatic failover.
  • Enhanced collaboration among operators and managers through reporting techniques.
  • Support decision-making processes and provide hierarchical management of actions and notifications.

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