Groundwater Level and Quality Loggers

Automated water level and quality measurement systems in aquifers.

Essential monitoring of groundwater

Monitoring aquifers is essential to safeguard their future storage and service capacity use. ADASA’s Groundwater Level and Quality Loggers record all relevant indicators that highlight the potential exploitation of groundwater.

We install deep-water, automatic piezoresistive sensors in existing or new boreholes to carry out the groundwater measurements. A low-consumption, battery-operated logger is equipped and deployed, making it a very easy-to-station technology that requires few external resources. An aquifer’s response time is slow; one daily recording usually provides sufficient data.

Groundwater level and quality recorder

Our ecoData software collects and stores the data transmitted.  It is then processed to create a variety of maps and information sources to help understand changes to groundwater levels and the spatial-temporal nature of aquifers, thus enabling their protection.

Groundwater Level and Quality Loggers are vital to river basin authorities and water agencies monitoring agricultural, public and industrial water use.


  • Assess groundwater conditions and identify potential over-exploitation.
  • Prevent damage from saltwater intrusion.
  • Generation of hydroisohyps, isoprofound and isovariation maps.
  • Automatic, with optional water temperature and conductivity measurements.
  • IT solution stores, processes and displays data.
  • Low energy consumption.

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