We co-create end-to-end solutions with a high level of interaction, built upon an intense exchange to understand and plan an endeavour. Push your level of digital transformation for better sustainability and safety.

  • We offer solutions that improve decision making, enhance organisational effectiveness, process efficiency and reduce risk using our deep knowledge in water and our experience partnering hundreds of clients solving similar problems around the world.
  • ADASA solutions ensure access to real-time data and innovative technologies that support the full spectrum of your decision-making needs, that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff, that better manage your most critical assets and unlock the hidden value in your data to solve a hard problem.

Sustainability guaranteed

Better emergency preparedness, water resources management and decision-making. Maintain supply and ecological health of water bodies.

Managing critical assets

Ensure quality water throughout the water distribution network. Simplify the operation and management of water distribution systems.

Cost-efficient services

Breakthrough digital solutions that increase the efficiency of existing systems and support new approaches to urban water management.

Awareness & understanding

Cost-effective and long-term sustainable weather solutions. Improving resilience to severe weather events and reduce the impact of climate change.

More food with less water

Manage water resources efficiently to ensure irrigation sustainability with tools harnessing the power of explosive growth in data, IoT and analytics.

Welfare & healthy growth

Assure safe and rewarding aquaculture business and ensure finer water quality for fish farms and fish transportation industry.

We offer specialised knowledge in a wide range of options to create sustainable end-to-end solutions that open up new possibilities for our customer’s business and management responsibilities, making sense of data for better decision-making and to advance operational performance.

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Sydney, Australia

Assuring dam safety through high quality and timely data and analytics.

Catalan River Basin District IWRMS

Catalan River Basin District IWRMS

Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

Catalonia, Spain

Maintenance and technical support services.

National Water Information System

National Water Information System

Ministry of Environment of Spain


Improving national water policy and transparency through standardised, managed and accessible data.


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