Solutions as a Service

Transform how you collect, manage, and analyse data and achieve higher returns.

Our safe environment provides low learning curve on-line applications and ensures high adoption rates

Many water and sanitation organisations are facing increased challenges and requirements of operating with limited capital expenditure funding, making their difficult job even harder.

ADASA builds, hosts and offers a suite of basic, easy-to-use water digital services on the internet that will make things easier and more efficient with affordable operating expenses that reduce the need for additional hardware and software licenses.

Our specialised online applications used in conjunction with existing IT infrastructure will help managers to adapt to the new requirements of the water industry and environmental legislation. You will only have to pay an annual subscription to use these services and you will avoid long term investment in maintenance, upgrades, security and license fees required by on-premise solutions. These services will come as part of your subscription to free up your IT department.

For example, ADASA offers the Sewer Overflow Service to facilitate compliance with environmental regulatory obligations. This comprehensive end-to-end service covers the installation of sensors and IoT units at combined sewer overflow (CSO) points, communications, access to data from the service platform and comprehensive maintenance of the service including replacements.

Our low learning curve solution can be implemented in a matter of weeks to have your data only a click away. It is made up of robust IoT units, with autonomous power supply and wireless communication system, designed to collect quantity and quality parameters of CSO and upload them to the cloud. Our service platform performs the acquisition, processing and storage of data in addition to providing users with data visualisation, alarms, data validation and reporting.

Reduce your initial Investment and pay per use. Flexibly add or cancel units according to your needs and access to the service from anywhere through our service platform available 24x7.
We customise our solutions to your specific requirements, and we can start with a minimum viable product tailored to your needs. By improving the system incrementally, you will mitigate risks and seamlessly scale the service to meet changing requirements.

ADASA also offers the Sewage Wet Wells Service decreasing impacts and damage created by collection wells incidents with faster reaction times. A local installation inside the stilling well causes minimal disruption and provides reliable level readings. Data is processed at the cloud and feeds a digital twin that simulates the pumping system status, the well inflow and outflow, time to overflow, pump breakdowns and more.

Various scenarios trigger alarms that can be acted upon rapidly. These include flooding predictions, incorporating the likelihood and time of flooding due to pump breakdowns or clogging. Information about well usage or abnormal behaviour helps with maintenance schedules. It also assists plans for pump inspections based on meteorological forecasts predicting upcoming heavy rain events.

Review your subscription conditions over time to increase your operational efficiency and only pay for the features you want and the storage you need. We can deploy new features, allocate more storage or scale down without affecting your system’s performance.

ADASA adheres to strict ISO regulations that govern online security to ensure the provision of a safe environment with the latest security technology. We will designate a customer success manager who will be responsible for helping you get the most out of your investment and reach the highest adoption rates.


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