WWTP - Asset Management and Operation Platform

Simplify big data for more efficient WWTP management.

Digitalised information provides smooth day-to-day operations

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) need sustainable infrastructure to maximise their capital value, as well as operational efficiency and to hit maintenance budgets. ADASA’s Asset Management and Operation Platforms provide critical asset and service level information so WWTPs run at optimum.

We offer a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to interconnect a plant’s equipment and assets and send information to a centralised database. From here, assets and performance can be monitored in real-time as well as track and chart historical trends. Related data and procedures run alongside the data to allow more in-depth, continuous analysis of the WWTP individual components.

Treatment plant

Our Asset Management and Operation Platform brings the ability to upload and share documents and media, create and manage service logs and schedules and monitor data in real-time. Team members can look at the same information simultaneously. Workers have access to data via a website or a mobile app, equipping them in the office or field with the knowledge that helps to simplify processes and optimises performance and helps to prevent failures.

The addition of user-friendly maps allows searches for specific equipment, intuitive access to related knowledge basis (tutorial videos, manuals) and to generate new content. People can use our website or app to consult historical trends, maintenance schedules and upgrade service log, too.

Customised alerts and maintenance notifications, picture-sharing and expert request features all add value to processes thanks to our digital, cloud-based software. Our Waste Water Treatment Plant platform offers a bespoke solution for every WWTP.


  • Digitalised knowledge reduces brain drain.
  • Synched office and in-the-field teams improve team collaboration.
  • Map all infrastructure, plus online, operational asset tracking.
  • Monitor maintenance activity and operating cost of infrastructure.
  • Prevent system failures; estimate asset’s useful life.
  • Online, customised alerts.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Cloud-based, digitalised system with easy access to documents and media.

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