Water Resources Monitoring Services (DaaS)

Accurate, reliable data services to aid efficient water monitoring.

Predictive insights save money and provide efficient regulatory compliance

ADASA’s Water Resources Monitoring Services improve water quality and operational efficiency without users needing to buy and maintain any extra equipment.

There is no need to install, operate and maintain a real-time monitoring network; our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution offers data and final analytics on demand. It is based on an outsourced approach to data collection, delivery, and verification, avoiding inherent costs of hardware, cleansing, storage, support, training and retaining staff.

Because accuracy and reliability of data is of the utmost importance, the quality of the published data is our primary asset. We ensure the information fed to our DaaS services is consistent, timely and accurate and meets all the specified SLA (service-level agreements) with regards to quality and fitness for use.

ADASA data services (Daas) for hydrological monitoring

Simple-to-use website or mobile phone interfaces connect users with our Water Resources Monitoring Services. Multiple devices can connect to our cloud-based system, which can also run data-based predictive scenarios.

Our DaaS solutions include data acquisition and summaries reports, as well as data enrichment and predictive insights relating to water quality and state. This could be in real-time to monitor water quality, detect pollution or register the growth of harmful pathogens or algae that may make water treatment problematic. A number of hydrometrics can be altered to present normal and extreme condition scenarios; all reports can be applied to water and wastewater operations.

Our DaaS services are key to the success of efficient water management without increasing your means or resources.


  • On-demand solutions help efficient water monitoring.
  • Improve the quality of water for human consumption.
  • Optimise the cost of water treatment and purification.
  • Efficient operations and management and regulatory compliance.
  • Simple to use, cloud-based, multi-device solution.

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