Water Data Management

Bringing control & quality to water management through information systems and databases.

Real-time data to aid governance and decision-making

Water data management demands trustworthy systems that integrate data from distinct sources and present quality information clearly and coherently.

Because information systems need to facilitate fact-based decision making, ADASA builds systems to the strictest reliability criteria. Technical solutions are effective, current, and precise, with an explicit component of innovation in the results obtained.

Computer showing data stored and processed by ADASA information systems

Our information systems collect, store and process data and coalesce them into a common framework; the data then displays logically and clearly. The framework also provides each information source’s status and origin to help users further.

All data sources are amalgamated and subjected to a rigorous validation process to ensure quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). Information is only available once relevance, representativeness and complete reliability can be guaranteed. Our systems organise and filter data to allow efficient exchanges of information and smooth water data management.

ADASA brings many years of experience in the water and environment sector to the table, developing and implementing a plethora of environmental information systems across different organisations. We base project management methodologies on strict compliance with good practice, quality standards and excellence.


  • Ensure quality information is available to users via all parts of the system’s different applications and tools.
  • Reliable data to enable better water data management
  • Facilitate decision making, which may help improve governance policies.
  • Help implement efficient water management systems.

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