Water Asset Digitalisation

Advanced Management, Digital Twins and Prediction.

Increase assets visibility, facilitate predictive maintenance, and ensure faster response times

The ever-increasing demands on scarce water resources through population growth and climate change command data-led optimised management of assets.

ADASA’s advanced digital water management platform is a crucial solution to achieving that goal. The platform increases network visibility, facilitates predictive maintenance, and ensures faster response times to events such as leaks, bursts and operational failures as well as quality incidents and changes in water pressure.

Example of hydraulic infrastructure

The basis of the system is multi-faceted. Asset digitalisation defines critical assets; these assets feed online data to the platform, connecting via existing systems like SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) or by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This intelligent and connected digital infrastructure model supports the planning, design, construction and operations of smart water networks as well as giving a virtual representation of physical assets and processes.

We can create a digital twin (a digital replica of the physical entity) to show how an entire system could work, and how different scenarios will affect the system. A library of digital twins allows the main parameters of critical assets to be customised, using existing twins’ templates or generating a new one if required.

The creation of a water system’s digital twin involves integrating virtual engineering models with network-scale reality models and Geographic Information System (GIS) data. We can create a real-time model for plant and network operations, continuously updated with virtual operational data from SCADA systems, sensors, meters, and other sources of measurements.

By incorporating a hydraulic/water quality model of the system to reflect current conditions, digital twins enable utilities to simulate events such as pipe failure, power outages, fires, and contamination.

The result is that our advanced digital water management platform helps managers analyse the resilience of their systems and assess potential risks. Potential leaks and water losses can be determined thanks to the continuous updating of digital twins with measurements and operational data backed by cloud-based event management. We combine this with big-data analytics and predictive algorithms to help translate data into actionable insights.


  • Optimise asset performance and risk-based planning/emergency preparedness.
  • Improve decision-making and system reliability.
  • Service long-term system vulnerability and capacity planning.
  • Strike a balance between operating costs, assets management and water conservation.
  • Ensure fewer interruptions and network uptime.
  • Increase operations efficiency.
  • Overview of state and behavior of infrastructure.

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