Water Analytics

Analytical environments enable intelligent decision-making.

Manage resources and meet water quality and environmental objectives

River basin management authorities need advanced analytical environments to guarantee water quality, meet demand and manage extreme weather situations. Population growth, climate change and economic activities exert ever-increasing pressure on water bodies.

ADASA offers water analytics to meet these demands, bringing water and data science to reporting and resource management. Data-led decisions ensure the excellent condition of the water bodies both in quantity and quality, and that water demand is fulfilled.

Our solutions are based on applications and services that combine the capabilities of cloud computing, big data, business intelligence and data analytics. The objective is better long-term and day-to-day management of water resources and successfully confronting drought and flood episodes.

Software that combines the benefits of cloud computing, big data, business intelligence and data analysis

We collect data from a variety of internal and external information sources to best meet the hydrological management needs of organisations. These include automated networks for water quantity and quality control, manual sampling networks, discharge and water pollution control networks as well as water supply control and meteorological information.

ADASA’s technologies permit bespoke solutions across the water sector, adapted to each user’s needs.

Dashboards help track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assist basin management and hydrological balances of reservoirs and aquifers. Water uses can be checked, alongside the state of water bodies and administrative concessions of water use rights.  

Future water demands can be modelled via tested scenarios and patterns recognised within the operation of reservoirs and water bodies.

The digital transformation of society and industry is a reality, and the water sector is currently embarked on this paradigm shift to meet modern needs. ADASA helps water organisations with the adoption of new digital strategies and solutions.


  • Analytical tools transform data from multiple sources into actionable information.
  • Improved decision-making about the management, operation and hydrological planning of water resources.
  • Centralised analytical environment acts as a reference hub to different departments.
  • Plan for water demands through tested scenarios.
  • Monitor water use, the state of water bodies and hydrological balances of reservoirs and aquifers.
  • Dashboards with global Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for basin management.

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