Wastewater Treatment Plants Automation

Increase operational efficiency and improve effluent quality.

Knowledge and support during the digital transformation

Wastewater Treatment Plants increasingly rely on the reliability and accuracy of automated measurements and technological solutions to ensure optimal operational performance. These energy-intensive, data-driven facilities need ever more complicated instruments, control and automation.

ADASA provides proven, comprehensive solutions and practices to seamlessly integrate all the processes required to perform plant operation into a single operational framework.

Our solutions aim to enhance water quality, optimise energy consumption and achieve consistent operation and plant performance by extracting process knowledge from data. Systems automatically detect and notify sources of inefficiency and can initiate and integrate preventive maintenance. Operators and supervisory systems can then take the appropriate action to diagnose possible process failures, prevent accidents and maintain prime operating conditions.

We use automated advanced on-line sensor measurements and apply them to processes such as aeration, chemical feeds and sludge pumping. Conventional control techniques, such as PID control algorithms, as well as advanced control strategies such as Model Predictive Control, are also adopted, while gradually incorporating other intelligent and innovative market trends in control techniques.

Treatment plant automation program

Ammonia removal, organic content removal and total nitrogen removal have become more complicated and require more sensors and analysers to maintain efficiency. This growth in continuous on-line sensor measurements and the tightening of treatment requirements has meant a significant improvement in plant safety, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

We also make use of soft-sensor solutions, as a combination of robust hard-sensors and mathematical models defined to reconstruct the time evolution of the unmeasured states when required measurements are not available on-line

The technologies required for optimum operation of treatment plants are rapidly changing with the advent of industry 4.0, the ongoing automation of traditional industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Thanks to our extensive experience in IT, vigorous hardware and software engineering techniques protect assets against security threats.

ADASA provides the extensive experience and knowledge required to support change management and the adoption of new digital strategies and solutions.


  • Collected data improves water quality and operational performance automatically.
  • Generate evidence-based knowledge to support decision-making processes.
  • Minimise operational costs through optimal use of plant equipment.
  • Detect and notify inefficiencies to continuously improve performance and prevent equipment failure.
  • Apply robust engineering techniques and increase operator awareness to promote safety throughout the facility.
  • Maximise security and operational availability.

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