Smart Sewer

Reduce the impact of collection well incidents with smart management.

Improve management of wastewater collection wells operations

Roads, railways, car parks and many more public and private infrastructures are at risk of flooding during heavy rain events because of their proximity to sewers.

Some protection comes via wells that collect diverted wastewater. Wells usually have an overfill protection system, a water pumping system that empties the well at a point further downstream in the sewer. It usually activates automatically based on water levels but lacks central monitoring and management.

ADASA leverages its experience in water, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer a non-intrusive service to provide visibility of wastewater collection wells.

Overflowing sewer

Infrastructure managers receive alerts containing actionable insights, enabling:

  • Faster reactions to incidents, solving them before significant damage occurs.
  • Proactive anticipation to avoid episodes or invoke the necessary actions to minimise their impact.
  • Improved maintenance operations by prioritising inspection visits and repairs.

The local installation causes minimal disruption. ADASA places a self-powered IoT unit, wireless communications, and a level transmitter inside a stilling well. These provide reliable level readings, and low-energy consumption strategies ensure long battery life. Data is processed at the cloud and feeds a digital twin. The digital twin simulates the pumping system status, the well inflow and outflow, time to overflow, pump breakdowns and more.

Various scenarios trigger alarms that can be acted upon rapidly. These include flooding predictions, incorporating the likelihood and time of flooding due to pump breakdowns or clogging. Information about well usage or abnormal behaviour helps with maintenance schedules. It also assists plans for pump inspections based on meteorological forecasts predicting upcoming heavy rain events.


  • Increase visibility of wastewater collection wells and overfill protection systems.
  • Decrease impacts and damage created by collection wells incidents with faster reaction times.
  • Improve maintenance operations efficiency.
  • Anticipate flooding, pump breakdowns and more.
  • Non-intrusive, easy and quick-to-install service.
  • No long-term commitment; pay-per-use.

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