River Flood Forecasting

Prevent damages and protect lives through flood anticipation.

Manage emergencies with integrated flood alert systems

Anticipate and react to emergencies with flood early warning systems. Integrated, automatic data collection with scalable modules helps the management of emergency flash floods, dams and security.

Climate change and more regular extreme weather increase the need for reliable ways to avoid damages caused by intense meteorological phenomena. The unpredictability and unusual behaviour of some episodes mean we cannot always anticipate events.

ADASA provides all the tools needed for monitoring water bodies, aiming to prevent flooding and mitigate damage. These Flood Early Warning Systems help river basin authorities assess risks, monitor, forecast and respond to extreme weather.

River flooding prediction

We offer scalable, modular, multi-site, and multi-scale solutions, that may be provided through a series of web services, so there is no need to expand any existing data infrastructure. This enables progressive implementation and adaptation to existing organisational structures.

All data can be interpreted into visual information, thanks to integrated acquisition and transformation processes. This assists the emergency plan management and automated communication between all organisations involved, with real-time monitoring of their responses offering further benefits.

ADASA’s flood prevention and damage mitigation solutions integrate heterogeneous information, including:

  • Geospatial information.
  • Data from real-time measurement networks.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data provided by a network of observers.
  • Forecasts provided by meteorological and hydrological models.
  • Vehicle positioning systems.
  • Human resources involved in emergencies, communications systems and more.

All this makes it possible to obtain combined products from various sources (geospatial and temporal aggregations), forecasting and modelling, and geo-alerts, which may be published and disseminated through web portals.

Hydrological models based on water basin data and meteorological data are essential for the prediction of river flows. We calibrate the models precisely to guarantee an accurate forecast, useful for the organisation of the response capacity - a key aspect.

Once a flood risk is real, ADASA offers solutions to ensure all agencies, emergency services and relevant security forces are notified. Our DAMER software handles emergency procedures and protocols while simultaneously and automatically communicating with agencies involved. DAMER can activate warning systems to affected residents, too.

Our Flood Early Warning Systems offer risk insights from risk maps, land uses in downstream areas, and the population and economic value of assets at risk. There are empowering, agile tools that interact during a flood emergency, allowing clarity of thought and action.


  • Increased responsiveness of flood management teams.
  • Integrated data helps to anticipate extraordinary situations.
  • Automated system of communication between agencies involved in emergencies, with real-time monitoring of responses.
  • Minimise downstream damage.
  • Scalable, multi-site systems.
  • Prevent material losses and save lives.

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