Online Microbiological Monitoring

Safe drinking water with real-time microbiological monitoring.

Early warning system stays one step ahead of traditional monitoring methods

Control contamination events and secure safe drinking water using online microbiological monitoring of water sources, networks and storage tanks.

Our real-time, online and automated bacteria monitoring systems detect and quantify microbiological contamination to guarantee safe drinking water. This early warning system measures the microbiological quality of drinking water sources, and prevents contamination from entering and spreading throughout the purification system.

Representative image of real-time monitoring

The protection of water sources requires continuous, updated information that gives an accurate impression of the current quality of water - something that laboratory analysis cannot replicate. The continuous measurement of Enterococci, in addition to Escherichia coli and total coliforms, hardy microorganisms that can survive for long periods in water, reduce the potential risk of getting gastrointestinal diseases.


At ADASA, we measure microbiological parameters together with the physic-chemical parameters to give a complete, dynamic vision of water quality. This is an efficient and effective tool that enables control and allows adaptations to the purification process.

Continuous, rapid microbiological measurements and automated quantification of their levels in water offer safer drinking water for everyone.


  • Early warning system through quantified microbiological contamination data always being available for water sources, water networks and storage tanks.
  • Protect water intake areas to offer further drinking water safeguards.
  • Allows an efficient and risk-based decision-making approach to water quality control via informed adaptations to the production of drinking water.
  • Continuous and automatic measurements of specific microbiological indicators support water quality control.
  • Obtain quicker results than laboratories for quantifiable concentrations of E. coli, total coliforms and Enterococci.
  • Rapid biological measurements offer real-time online bacteria monitoring.
  • One step ahead of traditional microbiological water quality monitoring.

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