Health Risk Early Detection System

Online pollution monitoring to minimise health risks for bathers.

Automated measurement of bacteria to counter Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)

One of the biggest problems in the water cycle management of cities and municipalities is the impact of combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

ADASA’s early detection system minimises the health risks for bathers. Our Health Risk Early Detection Systems helps prevent and quickly restore bathing water quality after a CSO.

Improved management of bathing areas provides tourists and locals alike with an enhanced experience. The environmental impact of a CSO – the loss of biodiversity, beach pollution and marine pollution – is also dissipated.

River bathing area

You can protect bathing areas by using our knowledge decision support systems that combine operational and management decision-making. Retention elements include floater and solid-waste retention systems at sewer discharge points, which help to reduce the amount of pollution, bathing water quality monitoring sites and pollution dispersion models.

Our Health Risk Early Detection System integrates all these components, offering you optimum management of your bathing areas. It includes:

  • Tools for minimising the CSO volume discharged into the environment.
  • Beach pollution monitoring based on online microbiological water quality (ADASA aquaBio B403).
  • Easy-access public information management (information panels, beach flags, websites apps).
  • Dispersion models of the contamination episodes.
  • Risk assessment model.
  • Online monitoring and automated measurement.

Reassure citizens that their health is being protected by the most innovative technology by adopting our Health Risk Early Detection System.


  • Minimise the health risks associated with the quality of recreational bathing waters.
  • New, risk assessment-based model to improve beach management strategies.
  • Increased socio-economic value where used.
  • Clearer and easier-to-manage public information.
  • Improves beach user confidence with local government.
  • Adds value to tourism through sustainability and excellence ethos.
  • Protects against biodiversity loss.

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