Dam Emergency Management (DAMER)

Integrated management plans to reduce damage downstream of dams.

DAMER improves emergency action plans, warning times and security

Dam failures, while comparatively rare, wreak catastrophic damage and often results in the loss of life. Anticipation, observations and management of such extraordinary events are vital for damage limitation and to save lives. ADASA offers IT tools that help foresee and manage emergency incidents at dams.

DAMER is our tool that assists in decisions and management of events, bringing significant benefits in terms of damage mitigation. Centralised information facilitates quick and efficient administration of emergencies, from managing infrastructure (auscultation) to population evacuation. We oversee and record the state of the reservoir water reserve infrastructure, the weather and what is happening upstream and downstream to allow a particular emergency scenario to be declared.

Through DAMER, we coalesce measurable parameters of an emergency, incorporating DAMER’s readings with information from other connected platforms. Communications are automatically shared with agencies and security forces involved in incidents, reducing human error. Population warning systems for downstream residents are triggered, too, as well as updates to access routes. This helps reduce the severity of any dam failure and predict any future scenarios; traceability attributes responsibility post-event, too.

Collection of data, management of data, management of a dam’s emergency action plan and forecasting and prediction tools are all included with DAMER. This Software-as-a-Solution is the most efficient way to ensure quick, safe and centralised management of emergencies in dams.


  • Improve the speed and safety of dam emergency management actions.
  • Automated, centralised information system helps anticipate incidents.
  • Aids communication between agencies during emergencies.
  • Predictive modelling based on dam damage, weather, water levels and conditions both up and downstream.
  • Integrated early warning system can help save lives.
  • Mitigate downstream damages.

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