Dam Safety Management Software (Dam360)

Assuring dam safety through high quality, timely data and analytics.

Real-time dam risk assessment and surveillance of dam integrity

Bolster dam integrity with our Dam Safety Management Software solutions that offer real-time surveillance to enhance effective management of dam safety processes.

Real-time surveillance of dams saves costs in collection and curation of data; it also reduces dam failure risks by giving real-time access to all the relevant dam safety parameters. Powerful analytics tools back-up the data, triggering alarms and notifications in case of abnormal observations.

Our Dam Safety Management Software offer specialised end-to-end solutions. It operates as a centralised repository for all dam safety data, including visual and qualitative observations from visible changes of condition, to dry or wet assessments and manual instrument readings. These measurements include inclinometers, piezometers, seepages, boreholes, as well as telemetered data feeds.

Dam360 interface

Data can be captured on-site, with configurable route inspections and schedules, on-line and off-line modes of operation and input data validation mechanisms. The software can integrate with multiple third-party sensors, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and telemetry systems, including data from automatic or semi-automatic survey total stations.

All incoming data is subjected to automatic quality control and assurance processes, ensuring dam safety data is trustworthy. Generate automated or ad-hoc regulatory reports, so our customers are always on top of their compliance obligations and save more time.

  • Configurable and automatic data derivation and processing tools remove all requirements for manual data transcription or processing.
  • Visualisation and discovery tools - with configurable dashboards - offer maps, overview plans, charts and graphs and more.
  • Analytical tools enable modelling and prediction techniques, advanced data visualisations, automatic estimation of dam failure modes, KPIs or even machine learning algorithms.

Our Dam Safety Management Software solutions assimilates information from all remote points in real-time, allowing for more granular analysis of the specific dam safety parameters.


ADASA’s flagship solution is Dam360, a mobile and cloud web-based Dam Safety Data Management solution. Field officers input qualitative and quantitative dam surveillance observations directly on their smartphones or tablets, based on preconfigured route inspections, including on-line and off-line modes of operation. Tolerance limits are applied to the data collection, so input errors are less likely to occur. Data synchronises in real-time with centralised and secure cloud-based storage, so the data is available for analysis via configurable dashboards just seconds after being collected in the field.

A full set of management apps allows approved users and admins full control over the system: instruments and input validation limits, route inspections and route scheduling, user’s access, permissions and more.

Dam360 also contains an advanced data analytics framework for the complex analysis required for risk-informed dam safety management. This analytic workbench allows for data modelling, the definition of advanced thresholds, real-time calculation of failure modes, fully-customised and advanced plots and graphs and more.


  • Dedicated mobile app. reduces data input and transcription errors, as well as lowering costs of field surveillance and paper surveillance sheets.
  • Save time on data collection.
  • Increase dam safety data quality and trust it by applying automatic quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and validation processes on incoming data.
  • Take remedial action more quickly and effectively; dam safety engineers have real-time access to the surveillance data collected on the field, manual or telemetered.
  • Automatic triggering of alarms and notifications in case of abnormal observations, reducing risks of a potential adverse event.
  • All dam surveillance information is readily accessible from one single system, through both static and dynamic dashboards and reports, saving analysis and reporting time (and effort).
  • Dam Safety teams use modelling techniques or machine learning algorithms to create a predictive analysis or definition of advance thresholds, enabling more effective dam safety operation.

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