Water quality in reservoirs (aquaDam)

Self-positioning Probe Monitors Reservoirs Water Quality.

Locate the best water intake with aquaDam

Monitor and improve the water quality in reservoirs using real-time data from our self-positioning probe and vertical profiling system. ADASA’s aquaDam provides reliable information to facilitate decision-making, safety and efficiency in reservoirs. Its advanced sensors allow continuous data collection, offering updates and warnings about pollution episodes or abnormal events.

aquaDam is made up of a self-positioning multiparameter probe that automatically and autonomously measures profiles of representative water quality parameters at different depths. The multiparametric probe incorporates temperature, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll and equivalent Secchi disk. A manual operating mode is also available.

AquaDam station

We put all systems and equipment in place so that aquaDam can continually collect online data about the status and evolution of water quality in reservoirs. Management and modelling tools are developed and deployed to water managers mitigate and manage possible discharge anomalies and quality alterations. Data also assists with environmental compliance assessments.

Real-time data gives early warnings about any health risks posed to the public as well as an overview of the stored water’s health and aptness for use.

The aquaDam self-positioning units have a flexible configuration and can be installed in reservoirs of all shapes and sizes. The probes are resistant to adverse environmental conditions; their high degree of autonomy even permits self-diagnosis and self-repair of its own operational issues.

aquaDam is more than a measuring device; it brings about better decision-making, safety and efficiency as a complete solution to dammed water monitoring.


  • Identifies in real-time the ideal depth of the water intake according to the stratification of biochemical processes in the dammed waters profiled.
  • Early detection of water quality anomalies and advance warning of potential risks.
  • Flexible configuration so it can work in reservoirs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Quick and easy installation.

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