Beach Pollution Monitoring

Ensures recreational and bathing water safety, so people can swim with confidence.

Track sea and freshwater contamination in real-time

ADASA’s unique beach pollution monitoring solution provides real-time information about contamination levels of both seawater and freshwater. Automated monitoring stations continuously gather information about water quality in bathing waters and never miss a contamination event.

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Current regulations require split samples to gauge bathing water quality. Most measurements are taken at different times-often more than a week apart-meaning pollution events between recordings go undetected.

Our online monitoring solution breaks new ground, its 24-7 water quality visibility helping spot pollution episodes. Water temperature, conductivity, turbidity and microbiological indicators can be visualised in real-time. Knowing the levels of E.coli, enterococci and other microbiological contaminations is essential to safeguard bathers, especially in affected areas of CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow).

Automated stations, strategically distributed across coastal or inland recreational and bathing areas, continually collate information. The system can run as a single station or as part of a network of stations. The data can be seen remotely and online using our ecoData platform or integrated into a third-party data management system.


  • Daily information updates, assuring the safety of bathers.
  • Detects E. coli and enterococci.
  • Automated measurement and online monitoring help to gauge water quality recovery time, vital to areas affected by CSO (Combined Sewer Overflows).
  • Basic tool improves management of beach flags, information panels and beach websites.
  • Adds socio-economic value where installed, e.g. tourist areas.
  • Reliable information enhances predictive dispersion contamination models.

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