Asset and Operation Management

Manage water costs, demand and infrastructure with digitalised data.

Simplify the operation and management of water distribution systems

Asset management is one of the keys to the successful and efficient administration of water infrastructure. Asset-focused products and services are now integral to the multi-faceted approach to products and services, from leak detection to pressure and workflow management.

ADASA offers solutions to help the planning, monitoring and managing of critical water infrastructure. These solutions may be also offered with a Services-as-a-Software (SaaS) approach. Maintenance costs are optimised and investments better curated through knowing the state and working performance of infrastructures.

Expample of hydraulic infrastructure

The data management platform provides a connected grid of information that increases and improves a network’s visibility. This facilitates predictive maintenance; spot leaks and changes in water pressure quicker, as well as flagging operational failure, quality incidents and opportunities to optimise energy.

Our digital asset management solution continually assesses individual network components, calculating the risk of a burst and partly its consequences. The system automatically records all the parameters available to it, meaning historical trends can be charted as well as bespoke alerts for future outcomes.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are customisable, along with age and type of components. The assessment is based on:

  • Digitally registered burst record, logging number of and time of bursts on a pipe.
  • Pressure to which the component has been exposed to throughout its lifetime.
  • Scope and size of any pressure surges the component has experienced.
  • Flow that has passed through the component.

Informed assessment risks of a burst are available for every single component, empowering managers. ADASA’s IT tools support better decision-making for asset investment, risk management and operational preventative actions.


  • Improve management and investment of assets, with additional online, operational asset tracking.
  • Simplify day-to-day operations and management by digitalising water distribution system assets.
  • Efficient and easy handling of vast quantities of information.
  • Operational and cost efficiency.
  • Monitor maintenance and operating costs.
  • Asset management helps prevent infrastructure failure.
  • Estimate lifetime of assets and infrastructure.
  • Proactive risk management.
  • Minimise leaks, bursts and operational failures.

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