Specialised Technology Services

Technological solutions for water cycle management and meteorology. Bespoke, specialised technology service led by data and analysis.

  • ADASA’s services aim to efficiently manage a rapidly growing amount of data to extract the full potential of water and add value across a range of technologies. Our specialised services have improved decision-making, processed efficiency and effectiveness, and reduced risks at hundreds of sites globally.
  • We use sensors that continuously measure water quality. On-line systems monitor hydrological variables, including the flow and level in rivers, water volume in reservoirs and more. We offer a wide range of meteorological systems.
  • ADASA’s services cover a plethora of useful tools, from data analytics to the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, cybersecurity and real-time optimisation. There are a wide range of operational platforms to choose from, with cloud computing, industrial automation, HMI / SCADA, reporting and Business Intelligence. Asset management and infrastructure optimisation are on offer, too.

Specialised advice

Get the best and most relevant digital technological solution for your needs. Specialised advice about water and meteorology tailored to your organisation.

Efficient and competitive

Gain a competitive advantage. Generate value and efficiency and achieve business objectives with digital and specialised water and meteorology solutions.

Support, prevent and improve

Protect your system, equipment and assets. Ensure continuity, improve operability and reduce equipment failures through data-backed digital maintenance.

Innovative, fast and low risk

Custom and specialised applications tailored to add value to your organisation needs using Agile practices responding to problems quickly and profitably.

Cost effective and scalable

Adhere to best practices, maintain compliance, reduce costs and manage resources with online applications included in our Solution as a Service portfolio.

ADASA is committed to delivering results, and each service we offer is tied-in with our quality assurance policies. Proactive quality and risk management are naturally incorporated into reliable engineering and software development practices.

See our work

Operational and Planning System

Operational and Planning System

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd.

Griffith, Australia

Enhancing asset management and customer service levels through business intelligence.

Catalan River Basin District IWRMS

Catalan River Basin District IWRMS

Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

Catalonia, Spain

Maintenance and technical support services.



Wessex Water

Bath, England

Reducing energy and improving effluent in wastewater treatment.

Automatic Weather Station Maintenance

Automatic Weather Station Maintenance

Meteorological Service of Catalonia

Catalonia, Spain

Real-time data improves weather forecasting and climatology studies.


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