Operation and Maintenance Services

Prevent system failures and improve operational reliability.

Pro-active maintenance of equipment and systems with digital data

Prevent failures and maximise reliable operations with regular upkeep of equipment and systems.

ADASA offers maintenance of hydrometeorological and water quality equipment and systems, as well as providing digital solutions to the asset management of water utilities.

Maintenance of hydrometeorological and water quality equipment and systems

ADASA’s qualified personnel offer maintenance and technical support for:

  • Hydrological measurement points (gauging stations).
  • Automatic meteorological stations and weather radars.
  • Control points in reservoirs and aquifers (piezometric).
  • Water quality monitoring stations in rivers, streams and canals.
  • Communication relay stations.
  • Computerised systems.

Our preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance services include 24x7 coverage of extraordinary situations, managed through Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), as well as organising preventive maintenance visits that best use personnel in the field.

ADASA’s network of partners complement our offer with highly specialised services (e.g. vertical and underwater). All maintenance activities are risk-assessed to ensure the productivity, safety and health of personnel involved. We develop procedures and define specific actions for every control point, taking into account any possible breakdowns of components.

Should any problems arise, all issues detected are assigned corrective actions, depending on their critical level. Repair reports are traceable thanks to their incorporation in our CMMS tools, generating a knowledge database about systems and infrastructure that is accessible via web and mobile apps.

We guarantee the full operability of servers, computer applications and storage systems. We offer periodic performance testing services and data traffic analysis, as well as load testing. Servers are monitored by monitoring apps to warn of possible errors, and send updates on machine performance, running processes, resource consumption and the status of backups.

We adapt our services to facilitate knowledge and responsibility transfer processes as well the maintenance cycle’s different phases (transition, stabilisation, and regular provision) and the return of service when our service contract ends. All indicators and metrics comply with Service Level Agreements (SLA) tailored to each project’s requirements.

ADASA offers support services to operate automatic monitoring networks in everyday and extraordinary situations. These include filtering, validation and the control and correction of hydrological, meteorological and water quality real-time data. Support services also include the follow-ups to alarms, the creation and dissemination of statistics and reports plus the maintenance of hydraulic parameters and rating curves.

We count on the equipment and the auxiliary materials to carry out gauging campaigns and direct discharge measurements in sections of rivers and canals, in ordinary and extraordinary flood situations.

Digital services for water utility asset management

ADASA’s digital services offer agile, proactive and predictive management of water utility assets and the monitoring of the operating conditions of equipment and facilities.

Measurement systems, sensors, and automatic sampling points transmit real-time data. This digital data, incorporated into control panels, show real-time processes in drinking water networks, wastewater treatment plants and sewage systems. The service allows for the predictive maintenance of assets and the energy optimisation of operations and avoids the negative effects of combined sewage overflows during heavy rain episodes.

A combination of digital twins and GIS systems permit infrastructure mapping, with big data, machine learning and predictive models offering extra value to water utilities and agencies.


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