Engineering and Systems Integration Services

Specially designed digital solutions for water and meteorology sectors.

Processes and methodologies bring efficiency and competitive advantage

ADASA is at the forefront of installing and implementing custom-built technological solutions - we’ve delivered hundreds of solutions over several decades.  

Our engineering and systems integration services adapt to every project’s needs at every point, from the engineering phase and definition of functional requirements to the commissioning of the solution.

We combine the most appropriate life cycle management methodologies, tools and strategies for each project with the expertise of our water, meteorology and technology specialists. Thus equipped, we tackle the challenges of water cycle management and hydrometeorological risks mitigation by integrating the relevant technology.

ADASA engineering services, either as specialised services or end-to-end solutions, include:

  • Functional analysis.
  • Technical designs of the solution.
  • Systems deployment and migration.
  • Management of procurement and supply of equipment and software.
  • Development of custom applications.
  • Virtualisation of physical environments.
  • System integration.
  • Manufacture and calibration of instrumentation.
  • Component assembly and factory testing.
  • System deployments and commissioning.
  • Installations and field tests.
  • Support during implementation and post-implementation.
  • Change management and training.

From strategy to action, ADASA has a consolidated collaborative culture that involves all development and operations teams. It is based on the principles of establishing documented and quantifiable goals and objectives, continuously creating value through frequent deliveries and obtaining feedback. The ability to adapt, innovate, reduce risk and control and monitor the execution plan is the foundation of our work.

We apply criteria of excellence, total quality management, and continuous improvement processes across our services and solutions. Our teams embrace and proactively apply the good practices of agile methods, CMMI model, ITIL management procedures, and PMBOK project management processes.

ADASA counts on an integrated and certified management system, following regulations: UNE EN ISO 9001:15, UNE EN ISO 14001:15 and EMAS (quality and environment).


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