Consulting Services

Choosing the technological solution that best suits your needs.

Achieve best results with advice about water and meteorology sectors

Technology adds value and efficiency to organisations. ADASA's consulting service experts ensure expectations are not only met, but exceeded by providing advice on the most appropriate, bespoke technological solution.

The planning stage for new technology is often more important than the implementation step. ADASA's consulting services begin with an in-depth understanding of:

  • The information required.
  • How that information will be acquired and managed.
  • Evaluation of the risks and strength of current technological ecosystem.
  • Integration analysis of the new solution.

Our experts collaborate closely with project teams to develop the requirements that define the new systems. Interviews identify the future functionalities services expected from the new services, the information sources and the business process integration steps.

From this requirement base, ADASA develops high-quality specifications, the fundamental element to conveying the project's needs. Adhering to best practice, we consider the solution's technical aspects and change management roadmaps, including how the solution has to be integrated within an organisation.

Pilots or proofs of concept control the financial risk of any planned investments; our experts implement these, reviewing the specifications and making any necessary changes to ensure our solution is fit for purpose. Functional and technological expectations and budgetary constraints are all respected.

ADASA's experienced consultants are fully competent with current sector requirements, management capacity and in-depth technical knowledge, and offer our support until the solution is fully functional. Our capabilities focus on:

  • River basin management: Water quality monitoring networks, hydrometric networks, operational flood management and dam management (safety and emergency plans);
  • Bulk water supply: Management of distribution networks, dam operation, automation, optimisation of resources, water metering and accounting, asset management;
  • Urban water: Intelligent control of drainage, monitoring of polluting sources, flash flood alerts, management of overflows in sanitation systems, detection of health risks in recreational areas, management of assets, leaks and optimisation of the water infrastructure;
  • Meteorology: Observation networks, radar and forecasting models;
  • Irrigation: District management, modernisation and groundwater monitoring; and
  • Aquaculture: Water quality control.

Our consulting services also include the drafting of strategic plans to identify investment needs in applications and technologies. We create a future information and technologies model and prepare an implementation plan which identifies areas in most need of improvement, all of which we align with a business's priorities.

In a context of continually changing market conditions, ADASA's expert consultants offer a comprehensive set of services. Our approach will help organisations related to water cycle management and meteorology to complete their vision and strategy of sustainable and reliable ICT solutions.


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