Spanish Weather Radar Network Maintenance Services

Assured and Reliable Weather Forecasting.


AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological agency, owns and manages a network of 15 weather radars. Thirteen radars are dotted around the Iberian peninsula, with one in the Balearic Islands and another in the Canary Islands.

AEMET requires exact information to perform its high-responsibility tasks. Accurate data and precise observations feed numerical predictions models that allow forecasters to make informed decisions.

Data precision comes via meticulous maintenance of all observation systems, guaranteeing their exact functioning.

ADASA’s Solution

ADASA’s experts maintain AEMET’s network of weather radars, radio links, software applications, and equipment, preventing and correcting any issues before problems arise.

We ensure the proper operation and accuracy of weather systems by including these services:

  • Calibrating the receiver and the antenna orientation systems.
  • Drawing up the antenna radiation pattern.
  • Real-time monitoring of radar signal quality.

ADASA’s remit also involved having a team available 24/7 to diagnose and resolve any incident that occurred, ensuring each radar's remote and continuous monitoring.



AEMET now has an all-encompassing, real-time adverse weather prediction capability, thanks to ADASA’s and maintenance services that guarantee secure and accurate data, the backbone of reliable weather predictions.

The weather radar network generates precise information, allowing AEMET to forecast adverse meteorological events from a trustworthy database.

Forecasters place their trust in maintained systems after benefitting from quality real-time information that facilitates their decision-making. ADASA’s industry-leading repairs and maintenance practices bring an estimated 99% valid data rate, safeguarding the durability and profitability of AEMET’s weather radar infrastructure.




AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological agency, aims to develop, implement, and provide meteorological services within Spain's jurisdiction. By supporting public policies and private agendas, it contributes to people and property's safety and the wellbeing and sustainable development of Spanish society. The Agency is the meteorological authority of Spain, as well as its aeronautical meteorological authority.

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